Friday, September 23, 2011

Left to Their Own Devices

When we made the scarecrows the other day, I focused on picking fabrics that looked autumnal and adhering the straw just the right way so you couldn't see the tape and how do we make him look happy? and will he fit in the window?....Meanwhile, do you know what my kids did? They took extra fabric scraps and went off to play with them.

And for over a week now, those silly scraps have provided endless entertainment. Picnic blankets, baby wraps, head coverings, stage curtains, napkins, wrapping paper, the list goes on and on. It's cliche that the more you spend on a toy, the less the kids play with it. But it's true. The simplest toys are usually the best.

Similarly, they found ropes hanging off the clothesline in the backyard. The ropes took a soaking on a recent camping trip and so I hung them in the sun. The kids didn't question why they were there. They just immediately got to work fishing and capturing animals, creating booby traps and swinging. Yes, there happened to be a small danger of strangulation, but that probably just added to the excitement.

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