Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Donuts for Sale!

For as long as we had the book The Donut Chef on loan from the library, my kids were enthralled with it. Bob Staake's illustrations are fun, colorful and wildly geometric. The rhyme scheme is clever and unexpected (he manages to rhyme "calamari" while describing donuts!). And, well, the book is about donuts. How could kids not love it?

In the book, two donut chefs set up competing marketplaces on one city street. In an effort to outdo one another, they create the wackiest baked goods you could imagine (see calamari reference above).

This book was the inspiration I needed to finally make use of the two giant cardboard boxes I poached from a curb a while back. The kids made signs for their respective donut shops and used Play-Doh to create sweet culinary delights. Eventually, they added cash registers and sales offers. (Fifi finally reduced her price from $18, eventually giving her donuts away for free, or even paying customers to take her product!)

We had lessons in economics, architecture, marketing and cooking, as well as all sorts of reading comprehension skills. Meanwhile, the kids simply thought they were playing.

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