Friday, July 1, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

The kids cannot get enough of water play. And, given how cheap and easy it is, neither can I. I have no problem keeping them outside with just a kiddie pool or an extra large bucket full of water. But some days, I go the extra mile.

I set up two water stations on a sunny day that were both winners. First, I filled small containers with water and added a drop of food coloring to each. The kids then painted the wall using real paint brushes. Truthfully, the color didn't even show up. But it didn't matter. They would have been happy painting with plain water. But mixing the colored waters was an added bonus.

Secondly, I drew three rectangles on the wall in diminishing sizes. The largest was worth one point, the mediumest (to use Fifi's word) was worth two and the smallest one on top was worth three. The kids dunked one of those squishy water balls in a bucket of water and took aim. They were allowed five throws in a turn and I kept track of each result on the wall. It was pretty easy because the ball left a wet spot on the wall. After the fifth throw, I had the kids use their fingers to add up their points, and we wrote the final score on the wall. Water play + math = win for everyone!

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