Friday, July 15, 2011

Self Motivators

I've had this project in my mind for months now and only finally got around to doing it. In the end, it was definitely worth the wait!

I should disclose that I find floating and/or oversized heads to be universally funny. I have been known to glue oversized photographed heads of family members in places they don't belong, to hilarious effect.

So, you could imagine the fun I had watching my kids scotch tape their own heads to popsicle sticks. I made some outlines of clothing shapes and helped them cut outfits from patterned paper. Then Fifi designed her own paper clothes, taking full ownership of her paper doppleganger.

But enjoying this project even more than Fifi or me was Vance. Oh, how he loved having his own little head to play with. He made one outfit for "Lil' Vance" but then carried the lone-head-on-popsicle stick around with him for a whole day. Lil' Vance has become a huge motivator for Big Vance, which helps me out as well. While I might not be able to get my son to clean up or get dressed, if Lil' Vance asks him, he gets right to work! Lil' Vance might even give Big Vance a kiss or play Legos with him in honor of a job well done. Yes, it's kind of weird. But it's also silly and sweet and makes the real Vance both smile and do his chores. I think we'll make 50 more.

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