Friday, July 29, 2011

The Colors of Us

This was a fun one!

We read the book The Colors Of Us by Karen Katz, which explores the difference in skin colors among the people in one little girl's life. Her mother, an artist, tells her that she can create every skin tone by combining red, yellow, black and white paints. So, that's what we did.

I liked how it was both culturally sensitive and artistically relevant. Even little Vance caught on that black makes colors darker while white makes them lighter. And trial and error taught the kids that mixing both black and white to red and yellow makes a much less attractive color than adding only one or the other.

As the kids painted different face shapes, we talked about various people we know whose skin tones more or less matched the color of the paint. After the paint was dry, I suggested the kids use markers to add facial features since I figured the fine tips better suited their dexterity levels. In the end, we had a happy village of diverse people--and great paintings to showcase!

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