Monday, June 13, 2011

Whose Artwork Is It, Anyway?

I was telling my friend about a recent score on fabric paint using a 50% off coupon at A.C. Moore. In response, she asked if I ever buy craft supplies under the guise of children's activities when really they're for me. I shook with guilty laughter. I hadn't thought of it like that. But in reality, it was me who wanted the fabric paint. I had a vision in my head of a painted T-shirt and basically roped my kids into being the minions of my art direction.

I forged ahead with the project, but you know what? It wasn't worth it. The kids were never really vested in the painting. And then, after three rounds of painting, they didn't even want to wear the finished products!

A lesson I've sort of learned (but will surely ignore from time to time in the future when I have an idea that simply must be realized) is that it's good to set parameters, but you've got to let the kids make their own art.

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