Friday, June 3, 2011

To the "At" Mobile!

Fifi is four and a half and on the cusp of learning to read. Reading comprehension is my passion as a teacher, and I work with my own kids on it whenever I can. But, watching my little girl make sense of the letters on a page for the first time is a thrill I cannot measure!

She's not reading yet, but she's on her way. And of course, I am doing what I can to get her there. I've got her recognizing word families now, like the "at" family in our "At" Mobile. Once you know how to spell at, you can spell a bunch of words that rhyme with at.

Since I wanted Fifi to make pictures for her mobile, I guided her towards words that lent themselves to illustrations (cat is easy to draw; sat, a little less so). We settled on cat, hat, mat, rat and bat. It was her idea to type the words, which I thought was smart. The computer is an instant motivator and, since the mobile would sway in the breeze helping her learn for months to come, it's a good idea to have very legible words.

She loved making the mobile (it's a mobile--what's not to love?) and now thrills at pointing out other words in the 'at' family. "Mommy, we forgot 'that'!" Yeah, as if that would be easy to draw.

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  1. what a great idea! i just found your blog on babble and i'm adding it to my reader right now. i'm currently a student and momma to an almost 4 year old, so time to come up with activities like these is scarce even though i think about it often. :) great blog.