Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sorting Sequins

Very often, I get an idea for something to do with the kids and I just do it, not paying a whole lot of attention to which ability level it really suits. In those instances, I tend to give Vance a lot of assistance so he can complete the same project his sister is doing with ease. But that's not really fair.

This time, I varied the project so each child could complete it in his or her own way, learning what he or she was ready to learn or practice.

We started with empty egg cartons--those pre-school activity gems--and a jar of flower-shaped sequins. Fifi got to work sorting her sequins into the individual egg spots, differentiated by size. Vance had fun just filling and emptying the egg spots and opening and closing the carton.

Next, I wanted them to tally their sequins. For Vance, a young pro at counting, I made spaces for him to glue groups of sequins in quantities from one to ten. I encouraged Fifi to make a chart showing how many of each size sequin she had. She blew my mind when instead of writing "11" and glueing down a mess of eleven sequins, she formed the number eleven out of sequins. She hoped to do the same with the other numbers, but the smaller quantities were not always conducive to number art. Nonetheless, she found a way to convey how many of each shape she had.

Each kid had their own project, their own way.

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