Friday, June 17, 2011

Sixteen Paths Diverged in the Woods

And I, I took the path of least resistance.

One convenient thing about being a blogger is that you get to create your own reality in a way. You can extremely edit your life in order to appear to the masses in the way you wish to be perceived. I try not to abuse that privilege. My blog has a theme and I aim to cast portraits of successes and failures within that theme. But always, I admit, I strive to appear more or less put together. I don't broadcast my breakdowns and most embarrassing moments or those times of utter laziness or lack of consideration that occur at least once daily in my unpublished life.

The fact of the matter is I'm living a life and then curating my posts to highlight the prouder moments of that life; or at least those moments when I'm still trying. Today, however, I don't have the energy to put my best foot forward. Today, instead, I comes to terms with my double identity. In real life, I'm kind of insane.

Me, at a more pleasant time.
I don't have photo software right now,
so had to steal from the archives.
Over the past three weeks, I have added to my overflowing plate a graduate-level online course which I thought would be easy (wrong). I have been dealing with an incredibly sick child whose needs include multiple trips to doctors and horribly uncomfortable procedures. As a result, I am doing laundry every single day and changing sheets in the middle of the night.  The picture software on my computer crashed. As a matter of fact, my whole entire computer is held together by a thread and I finally have faced the fact that I need to replace it. I have not cleaned my house in over a week and am simply averting my eyes when I enter certain rooms. Oh, and did I mention Vance is potty training right now?

So, you know what? Today there are no posts of cool art projects or creative ways to pass the days with my kids. Today there are probably more videos than I care to admit and certainly more junk food than is ordinarily permissible to me. Today I will likely be shooing my children off to play so I can complete some time-sensitive task that I irresponsibly procrastinated on. Today I'm keeping it real.

(And, for the record, I actually typed this post in advance. So really, today is probably much worse than what this post suggests!)

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  1. Good for you for keeping it real :) Real moms are always more inspiring anyway.