Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Do you ever have a moment with your kids when you think, this is a memory in the making?

 We took our kids on their first ever camping experience over the weekend. As they unrolled their sleeping bags, made s'mores and played flashlight tag, I kept picturing the scenes like faded Polaroids. For years I imagine (especially Fifi who is old enough to retain long-term memories at this point), my kids will look back and fondly remember these days. They were kind of perfect, these days. Everything smelled like earth or campfire smoke; dirt caked every pore of our bodies; and we all slept within one dark and quiet tent peacefully surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature. We all got along beautifully as we hiked and swam and smacked mosquitoes on one another's bodies. It's humbling to think I'll one day be part of very fond memories of two precious people. I hope I'm right. I hope they'll keep a snapshot of this sublime family adventure inside their heart until they can attempt to recreate the magic with their own kids. I know I will.

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