Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Magic Garden

So, if you plant things in a garden and add water and lots of sunshine, and pull a few weeds from time to time, vegetables actually grow! I know that's what's supposed to happen. But when it really happens, it still shocks me.

So far, we have enjoyed mountains of arugula and spinach, a first harvest of broccoli and now second blossoms. And last week we picked our first cucumber which was somehow more sweet and flavorful and cucumbery than any cucumber I have ever had. This gardening thing is amazing!

The kids have continued to fill their cheeks and bellies with fresh fruits. First strawberries, then cherries and now raspberries are in bloom. If left unattended, Vance could eat his body weight in raspberries no problem.

And even Fifi, picky eater extraordinaire, can't resist the temptation of nature's bounty. Here she is sucking on a basil leaf she had just plucked. It turned out she didn't like it (though I'm not sure I would particularly enjoy sucking on my favorite herb without accompaniment, either), but I am pleased she gave it a try.

Some other vegetables slowly getting ripe are jalapenos, tomatoes and cucumbers. We'll also have a few zucchinis soon, some onions and red potatoes and more watermelon than we'll know what to do with. There are a few corn stalks in there as well, but we're not sure we've got what it takes to make them succeed. We shall see.

We're also starting to collect seeds, keeping our fingers crossed we'll have a plot to sow them in next year....

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