Monday, June 20, 2011

Keeping the Mystery Alive

Last month my husband treated the kids and me to a hike in the woods. It was for Mother's Day, and what made it extra sweet was that he kept his plans a mystery. It was fun to try to guess what was coming by the few clues my husband was forced to share--we had to know what to wear, after all.

For Father's Day, I went the mystery route myself. I kept mum until we arrived on the waterfront and my husband was finally able to guess where we were headed. We took a ferry over the Delaware to visit the Camden Children's Garden. For you Philly folk, if you haven't been there yet, I recommend it. It's a small, quiet place, but quite lovely and fun. Add a ride on the ferry and a picnic lunch and you've got a pretty cool day. Don't tell anyone where they're headed, and it feels even more special.

And, if they don't know where they're headed, they can't complain!

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