Friday, June 24, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Enlarged to Show Texture)

Fifi and I read Charlotte's Web recently, which was a little more enjoyable for one of us than the other. I think we'll revisit it in a few years when Fifi is ready to really get sucked in by a character and will bawl her eyes out like I do whenever I approach the end.

Right after we finished the book and were ready to put it completely to rest, I stumbled upon a picture book at the library called Up, Up and Away. Not to be confused with other books of the same title, this book is entirely about baby spiders. You know how Charlotte's babies mostly all flew away breaking Wilbur's heart a second time? Well, this book goes into precisely-rendered depth about the life cycle of a spider. And yet, it's kind of cute.

I was happy that Fifi made some lovely connections to Charlotte's Web when we read the spidery picture book. But I was even happier when we decided to make a spider web out of white yarn. It was fun and satisfying and sort of a big tangley mess; but, it increased our appreciation for the talents of spiders and Charlotte in particular.

No spider web would be complete without a spider and some six-legged victims. We fashioned Wikki-Stix into the predator and prey and even had a cursory discussion about insects versus arachnids. (In other words, I shared the extent of my knowledge: one has six legs, the other eight.)

Sadly, I thought it prudent to remove the web before Vance napped in the bed it surrounded. So our webtastic pleasure was short-lived, but I trust long-remembered.

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