Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Because City Sidewalks Are Not Dangerous Enough

I've already shared about making chalk outlines on the sidewalk, but we have one other favorite chalk-on-the-sidewalk activity that helps pass the time as we wait for dinner to cook or swim suits to dry. It's making obstacle courses.

We make spots for kids to safely walk on, and fill the spaces in between with all sorts of chalky danger. When I'm in charge, I stick to the standards: rushing river (blue scalloped lines), fire (orange and yellow spiky flames), lava (I don't know why I go with purple on this) and the occasional predatory sea creature or invented monster. The kids help out by adding their own zany obstacles: a false step that actually explodes if you step on it (it's marked with an X), a pack of angry bees, and the somewhat random, but just as potentially dangerous, scissors.

The path winds its way along the sidewalk and ends with a secret treasure which is usually drawn under our neighbor's bench.

It's fun to watch the kids bob their way through the tumultuous urban jungle. But, it's even more entertaining to hear their narration as they go.

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