Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ya Feel Me?

After my husband and I watched all five seasons of The Wire in a back-to-back frenzy some time ago, the term "Ya feel me?" entered our lexicon irreversibly. What can I say? It was a great show. And our lives were lacking a certain B'Mo drug dealer sort of culture. That has little to do with anything, except that I can rarely talk about feeling things without thinking of Stringer Bell. (Not necessarily a bad thing.)

Back from my regression, I'll now tell you about a perfectly kid-friendly way in which my children and I explored feeling. We started by reading "My Five Senses" by Aliki. We talked a bit about how we explore our world through all of our senses, but then we honed in on the sense of touch. I put out a few paper bags filled with mystery items. My kids closed their eyes and reached inside. While I was hoping to hear words like "smooth" or "heavy," I mostly heard "rock!" Either way, they were investigating and isolating their sense of touch.

Taking the exploration of feeling one step further, I had the kids make tactile boards. I divided a piece of cardboard into quadrants and let the children select from a mass of tactile objects like various fabrics, sandpaper, bubble wrap, etc. They glued swatches onto their boards and enjoyed closing their eyes and stroking their creations. These learning boards proved rather popular with the under 12-month crowd as we invited young visitors to play with them.

When we were done with our learning, the kids found the paper bags to be quite entertaining beyond their intended purpose. The kids filled them up with their own mystery items to stump one another. And then they just filled them up with random things to transport those random things from one part of the house to another. They were cheap, recyclable playthings. Mos def.

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