Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The House that Mom Built...With Her Kids' Toys

There are some toys I buy for my kids because I want them. For me. Straws and Connectors is one such toy. I actually had these when I was a kid, and fond memories have remained to this day. They are a very simple, easy-to-use building toy. But what's awesome, is that you can make really big things out of them. Like a house.

After I finished building the house with the assistance of my able-bodied offspring, Fifi requested a chimney, which I added at no extra cost. She now likes to stick her head up in it. She also added a "Happy Birthday" banner and calls the abode her Birthday House. With the addition of some beanbag chairs, pillows and blankets, the kids have got themselves a pretty sweet reading spot. And I get to relive a part of my childhood.

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