Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We like to celebrate the mothers and the motherly, the grandmothers and the aunts on Mother's Day. And so, that often means an art or craft project repeated five times. That can be a bit daunting. But this year, I got wise.

I made a stencil by printing out the words (so cleverly in Stencil font) on card stock and then painstakingly cutting them out with an X-acto. That part wasn't fun, but I only had to do it once. And I did it outside while the kids entertained themselves with dirt, and so it wasn't so bad.

I then figured we'd paint individual cards using a brayer roller. Anyone who has ever used a brayer and also has a single shred of intelligence (I'll let you guess which qualifier excluded me), would realize instantly that it would never work. A brayer is made to cover the topmost layer only. Amazingly, however, brawn could beat brain in this instance and for one of the cards I was able to exert incredible force to get the brayer to paint the stencil as well as the card underneath.

For subsequent cards, I got out the sponges which were not only easier, but were small enough that they allowed for optimal color play. I always heard the best art came from experimentation, and now I can vouch for it.

I hope the cards were well received by the mother figures my children love. And I hope all you other moms out there enjoyed your well deserved holiday!

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