Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden Update

Stuff is happening in our garden plot! We planted some seeds and seedlings and are now fostering arugula, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and peas. We've also been weeding our fingernails black.

Vance has been making friends with worms. He loves to unearth them and play with them, carry them around, offer them to people. I'm trying to mask my disdain, but really: gross! I want my kids to enjoy nature and not be squeamish, so I try to go along with it and come up with encouraging alternatives to receiving his worm friends. The fact that the worms do actually prefer being in the ground to being in human hands (as far as I know, anyway), helps bolster my case a bit.

We've all been making friends with the compost pile. Before dandelions turn to seed, I've been told, they make welcome additions to compost. There are no shortage of dandelions. The grown-ups dug them up and the kids carted them off to the enormous pile of decomposition. (Vance is actually much happier about that job than the picture would suggest.)

 But by far, the best part of our garden work is enjoying the fresh air and green space. The kids are quite content to do that.

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