Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Every once in a while I find myself doing something smart. And then I write about that moment so that it can be preserved forever on the internet and I can casually refer to it when asked to defend my intelligence.

This weekend, I had such a moment. On an average-intelligence day, I might partake in a conversation like this:
Me: Hey Fifi, come help me clean.
Fifi: No thank you.
Me: I wasn't actually asking you, I was telling you. You need to help me clean.
Fifi: But I don't waaaaaant to.
Me: [Conversation quickly devolves into pathetic diatribe. Crying ensues. Cleaning may eventually happen, but not very well, and certainly not happily.]

But, the other day I had a burst of cleverness and had the following conversation with my daughter.
Me: Hey Fifi, want to wear special cleaning clothes and help me clean?
Fifi: Special cleaning clothes?! Like what?
Me: Like a kerchief on your head.
Fifi: Oh, wow. And I can help you clean?!
Me: You sure can.
Fifi: Hey Daddy, I'm going to wear special cleaning clothes and go help Mommy clean!


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