Monday, April 18, 2011

Draw the Circus Like You Wanted to, When You Were a Kid

Collaboration is my favorite word of late. Each of us seems to make our best artwork when we work together. I might think I have a couple of good ideas. But when Fifi pitches in her two cents, we get something really great. Vance is a bit young to fully think through his artistic vision. But he's had plenty of fun making his contributions. And the teamwork that results is heart-melting!

Fifi wanted to draw a circus. I drew a simple big-top set and she and Vance went from there. Fifi added a tightrope and some trapezes. Vance drew an elephant and lots and lots of snakes. The kids then asked me to expand upon their initial drawings by adding trapeze artists and a dancer atop the elephant. Soon, we had a popcorn cart and a lion, a bunch of acrobats and a man being shot from a cannon.

The drawing itself was super fun. But what was even better was how the kids interacted with the artwork. Fifi became a ring-master and Vance did a bunch of acrobatic tricks. The whole morning became a circus (and I don't mean that in the crazy way I might ordinarily describe our mornings). It was fun! And it was a whole lot of working together.

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