Friday, April 22, 2011

Crime Scene Chalk Outlines for Tots

The rain finally stopped and the sun finally came out and we couldn't wait to bask in the glory of springtime. But, ugh!, the plumber was coming. We would have to wait for him either inside, or on the narrow sidewalk in front of our house. We opted for whatever sliver of sunshine we could get. But, how to keep two small kids safely occupied on a city sidewalk for an hour or so? Chalk.

We started with general free drawing. Vance made scribbles, Fifi made a flowery scene. It was all lovely and fun, but grew tiresome after a short while. To rev up the engagement level, we made crime scene chalk outlines. Only, instead of pretending the kids had been murdered, we just traced their living bodies and colored them in.

The children had fun dressing themselves and adding props, and the plumber was delighted to be greeted by the bright mix of flat and three-dimensional kids.

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