Monday, April 11, 2011

Balloons! (Part 1)

We had some fun with balloons the other day. Sure, there was the run-of-the-mill kids-with-balloons sort of fun. The children threw them, bounced them, chased them, tried to sit on them. But there was also some watch-out-you-might-learn-something kind of fun as well. All of the brainy stuff was inspired by My Big Science Book.

First, we blew up balloons without using our mouths. Remember how I said the volcano project had very little to do with volcanoes and that you could do it using any old container? Well, how about a knock-off Pepto-Bismol bottle? Use the same exact ingredients as the volcano, except you can skip the soap and food coloring. With the help of a funnel, pour some baking soda into a balloon. Then pour the vinegar into the bottle. Carefully wrap the end of the balloon around the opening of the bottle. Once the balloon is securely in place, dump the contents into the bottle and watch the eruption. The gas created by the chemical reaction fills up the balloon. Pretty sneaky, sis.

We also filled some balloons the old-fashioned way and charged them by rubbing them on our shirts. Static electricity is a party favorite. We made our hair stand up and watched tissue paper bits dance.

If only I could get balloons to pick up bigger things like toy train tracks and Legos, I'd be all set.

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