Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Bureaucrats

Fifi set up an information booth. I have no idea how she even thought of this, but she flipped a box upside down as a table, put a clipboard and some blank paper on top and asked if she could help me find some information. My first question was, "How do you find a job?" She drew three buildings and pointed to each as she answered: first you go to school, then you go to college, then you get a job. Not bad.

After I'd exhausted all my informational needs, I thought it would be fun to let her fill in some information on a form. So, I created an interview sheet that's simple enough for pre-readers.

Am I the only one among us who will admit actually liking paperwork sometimes? I remember as a kid, playing in my dad's office and having a gay ol' time pretending to fill in forms and be an office worker. Undoubtedly, using the phones was the most fun part; but filling in a piece of paper full of lined spaces and check boxes--especially when attached to a clipboard!--was no small thrill. Clearly, I led a dull life.

At any rate, the interview sheet was a hit with Fifi. She interviewed her brother and me and then asked to be interviewed herself. We killed enjoyed close to an hour just sitting around a box, spelling each other's names, determining favorite colors, and drawing portraits. Over the next few days, as people came to our house, Fifi interviewed them as well. I hope the job market is strong in 2031 because this girl has "mid-level management" written all over her!

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