Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Aboard...All Not Bored!

As car-less city dwellers, we use our share of public transportation. Buses and subways have their perks. But there's something about the train that is just really cool. It might be the cushioned seats or the conductor that stamps your ticket or perhaps, the view. Riding the train is fun; but it's also long. So, we need to bring something to help pass the time.

I created these Train Bingo sheets using free clip-art. I made a five-by-five square with a free space in the middle. I then filled the other twenty-four squares with pictures of a newspaper, a train, a stop sign, a dog, a train conductor, a blue car, a suitcase and a bunch of other things I thought were likely to be spotted from our seats on the train.

The Bingo boards were a big hit--at least for the first fifteen minutes or so. They were a nice way to really observe our surroundings and keep little behinds planted in their seats. They can easily be converted to Road Trip Bingo as well. Suddenly, long trips don't seem so dreadful.

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