Friday, March 25, 2011

The Very Crafty Caterpillar

Fifi hosted her first-ever sleepover guest the other night. After a fun video, good food and the thrill of sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, it seemed a craft project would be the perfect way to continue the fun into the following morning, and create a keepsake to forever memorialize the big girl event. I know egg-carton caterpillars have been around probably as long as caterpillars themselves, but that doesn't make them any less cute or fun.

While the children giggled upstairs and discussed their favorite breakfast foods, I cut up cardboard egg cartons. I also halved a handful of pipe cleaners and set out painting supplies.

The kids picked springy colors for their multi-legged friends. The rainbow-hued pipe cleaners easily slipped through mini punched holes for the legs and antennae. Glued-on googly eyes and a smile by Sharpie gave the critters spunk. Now we just wait and watch the egg-carton caterpillars metamorphose into egg-carton butterflies.

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  1. what a cute idea, they look like they had loads of fun!
    Thanks for sharing,