Monday, March 7, 2011

Signs of Spring

I was walking by our nearest park the other day, huffing and puffing as I pushed a double stroller, breaking a sweat beneath a wool hat and down coat, attempting to answer a four year old's random questions about food and potholes and why John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt has such a funny name, when something green caught my eye. It was poking out of the gray dirt littered with old leaves and winter debris. I stopped the stroller and my sentence and peered in for a closer look. Indeed! The crocuses were poking through. Spring is on its way!

The kids hopped out of the stroller and galloped around the gated flowerbed with me to try to count how many up and coming stems there were. My thumb is not green enough to allow me to identify the crocuses from the daffodils from the tulips. But no matter. I saw the beginnings of flowers poking through the ground and they filled me with hope and pleasure. Winter is in fact ending. Spring is just around the corner!

I infected the kids with my giddiness and suggested we take our camera out to capture signs of spring. Fifi for one, couldn't wait. She sagely suggested we walk over to the community garden. And so we did.

Vance and Fifi looooooove the community garden. Many of our friends and neighbors are lucky enough to have plots there. In the summer time, it's a place to roll around in the grass, cut wildflowers and pluck berries right off their vines. In the winter, it's a quiet place of open space and enough dirt and dried plants to satiate a kids' need to get messy outdoors. We are fortuitous enough to have a plot of our own this year, since a friend of ours will be traveling and invited us to be guest gardeners in her stead.

One thing I love in particular about this honor is that I know it will be a special bond my husband will get to share with the kids. The three of them are the happy gardeners, while I more so enjoy cooking, eating and gazing upon the fruits of their labor. I looked at our empty plot and tried to imagine it a few months from now. I could perfectly picture the kids in shorts and T-shirts, wet from playing with the hose, and filthy from working in the dirt and eating raspberries. I can hear their squeals as they attempt cartwheels in the grass and struggle to push wheel barrows to and fro. A glorious time it will be, for sure.

I will definitely keep you up-to-date as the garden progresses throughout the year. For now, I'm savoring this quiet time when nature mysteriously starts her rebirth. But the countdown is officially on.

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