Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Science Redeemed!

It was hard to photograph because it relies on
back-light for the full visual effect.
We enjoyed a perfectly successful, pretty neat science project! Albert Einstein, I take back all those nasty things I said about you.

Our project was about the density of liquids. But more importantly, it included food coloring, pouring, and seeing items magically suspended.

Everyone started with an empty jar. We poured in half a cup of water and a drop of food coloring. The kids loved shaking that up. They then hypothesized what would happen if they poured corn syrup in. They were surprised to find it settled beneath the water, making a cool layering effect. But when it came time to guess where half a cup of cooking oil would settle, they figured it out!

We then dropped small objects into the jar and were fascinated by getting at least one object to settle in each layer. A marble and a penny sunk right to the bottom. A pom-pom remained on top. And then, oddest of all, a button stayed in the water!

Fifi and Vance then had a gay old time shaking the daylights out of their jars. That led to an inexplicable effect wherein there was a large colored layer on the bottom and a small yellowish layer on the top. We're thinking the food coloring mixed with the corn syrup, but we can't be sure.

See! I told you science wasn't that bad.

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