Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pre-K Dissertation

I forget where we saw anteaters, probably in some book or video or something. But they must have piqued Fifi's interest because the other day, apropos to nothing, she asked, "How do anteaters know where to find ants?"

I'm not sure how the average parent would have responded to such a simple query, but I decided to use it as a launchpad for my daughter's first ever research report. And I'm left wondering, whatever did we do before the internet?

A few keystrokes, and we had multiple pictures and descriptions of anteaters. We discovered that anteaters have poor vision, but rely on their keen sense of smell to find ants. We also learned that they have crazy long and sticky tongues that they plunge into the ground to suck up ants. Ewwww.

Our research culminated in a one-sentence treatise on the anteaters' ability to find their prey: Anteaters smell ants. Additionally, Fifi had a chance to practice making her S's face the right way (by the third time, she nailed it!), and drew a pretty accurate anteater sucking up a smattering of black and red ants.

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure I've turned her off from ever asking a random question out of curiosity again.

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