Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh My God, They Turned Into Butterflies!

Okay, the cardboard caterpillars did not actually form cocoons (or raccoons, as Vance calls them) and transform into butterflies. But, we did create some handmade butterflies and so I feel justified in claiming we had our own little metamorphosis in house.

The butterflies were fun and took me back to the Mom Crafts 101 classes I failed to sign up for. I feel like before you're allowed to take your baby home, the nurses make you sign a form vowing you will one day make potato prints with your children. Everyone seems to do them at some point. They just never really appealed to me, you know? I think they mostly felt wasteful. But finally, I succumbed to society's pressure and sacrificed some produce in the name of art.

We had already eaten half a pepper, and I found a potato with more than a couple of eyes growing off it. The carrot was actually in its prime, so there was some guilt with that one. But I try not to think of all the starving bunnies.

The pepper made two lovely wing shapes which we decorated with potatoes cut into striped and checked patterns. With a little whittling, the carrot made a perfect body shape. The kids were mostly able to make these on their own by dipping the veggies into the paint and then stamping them onto construction paper. They made three a piece, which seemed like the perfect quantity. And then they made freestyle paintings out of the remaining paint.

The paint said it was non-toxic, so I let my kids eat the pepper and carrots when they were done printing with them. Just kidding. But since I felt the paint was not appropriate for our compost bin, and the veggies would truly go to waste, I was glad the butterflies came out as cute as they did, or else I'd be feeling really guilty.

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