Friday, March 11, 2011

Most Satisfying Art Project Ever

I have to start with a major thank you to my friend Ariane, from whom I stole the bulk of this project. We already love shaving cream around here. But this project took it to a whole new level. I did have to cancel my audition for a hand modeling job due to a certain amount of stainage. But it was totally worth it.

We filled baking dishes with shaving cream, then sprinkled drops of food coloring. The kids used popsicle sticks to blend and swirl the bright colors. Already, I'm sure you can sense how satisfying this project is. So gooey and colorful and swirly! We could have stopped there.

But instead, we went on to find a way to savor the glory for eternity. We pressed cut sheets of watercolor paper on top. Using a clean popsicle stick to scrape off the shaving cream, we were left with beautiful marbled paper!

The mess factor was kind of high, but it was much easier to clean up than I feared. Be sure to keep a roll (and by roll, I mean a whole entire roll) of paper towels handy as well as some dish towels. A plastic tablecloth and smocks are a must.

The kids made six sheets, and they were each unique and beautiful, and because they were made with shaving cream, they even smelled good. But I want more! I am secretly planning my own marbled paper craft night. The kids used the basic primary colors plus green, but I look forward to using a more interesting mix of colors in the future.

After all this, we were pretty satisfied. But hold on to your hats, people, there's more! What to do with all this beautiful paper? Fifi and I argued about it a little bit. Since there was enough paper, we compromised. She got to take a piece to cut and draw upon, and then she would also do my idea. I had each kid turn a piece into an envelope with the help of a mini hole punch, brads, and some yarn. I have a feeling one of our lucky readers may be getting one in the mail soon...

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