Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Back to Hating Science

Aren't science experiments supposed to prove something? Aren't you supposed to follow the directions and then *poof* some magic, miraculous thing happens in the end and you get to yell, "Eureka!" and walk away knowing something you didn't know moments before? Or am I just totally wrong about how science works? Is this why I was never able to get my stupid light bulb to turn on in high school science labs?

I faced my phobia again....And failed....Again. God, I hate science.

The experiment was so simple. We were supposed to drop a ball of clay into a bowl of water and see how it sank. No problem. Then, we were supposed to transform the ball of clay into the shape of a boat and *poof* it was supposed to float. Do you want to know what happened instead? I'll tell you. The clay got wet. When you put clay into water, it gets wet. When clay gets wet, it gets slippery and gooey and gross and, no matter how you shape it, it sinks in a bowl of water.

Halfway through the experiment, while I tried really hard to convey to my kids that science is fun and that my failure had no connection to my gender, I ran upstairs to get Play-Doh, hoping it might float better than regular old clay. By this time, of course, the water was no longer water. It was murky wet clay slip practically. Nonetheless, when I made a boat-like form out of Play-Doh, wide enough to displace enough water to become buoyant (or so the science book tells me), it did in fact float. Momentarily. Just long enough for me to get a picture and tell the kids they learned something. Take that, science!

Mr. Wizard would be so proud.

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