Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Needs Those Pesky Child Labor Laws?

Having my kids make whatever I want them to make is pretty sweet. Although sometimes I feel a bit like the art director of my own little sweatshop. Basically, I decide what I want made and set the time frame. Then I put my minions to work. The quality isn't always the highest, but the price of labor really can't be beat.

With Valentine's Day coming up, it's time to crank out some heartwork. (Get it?) This project might have worked better with an assembly line. I have considered having more children for that purpose. But, for the time being, I had to make do.

Day one involved rolling out the clay and cutting heart shapes with a cookie cutter, then adding a hole with a straw. The air-dry clay needed a couple of days to fully dry out. I had the kids sew shirts for Old Navy on those days.

Once the hearts were dry, I set out a Valentiny palette of pink, red and purple and had the kids paint the backs solid colors.

The following day I had to go to work. I cut painter's tape into various widths and taped up the front of the hearts with fun-filled uneven stripes.

Back to work!

I was impressed with how well the tape worked. I was equally impressed with the free labor. At this rate, I'm pretty sure my family could put China out of business in no time. 

Fifi thought we should give the hearts away to the people we love. For free. Is she crazy?! We could easily fetch about four bucks a pop for these beauts. Maybe even more if we stamp "Made in the USA" on the back. I guess it's time for a refresher lesson on profit margins and the bottom line.

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