Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Surgery

Ugh, if I have to look at one more friggin' pink or red or purple heart I think I'll hurl.

Er, I mean, Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry for that little outburst. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, which I consider to be a purely commercial holiday. But, always in search of a theme, I have certainly milked the day for all its worth in terms of activities with the kids. It is kind of surprising how many different ways you can make, bake, smell, eat, paint, draw, cut, fold, hear or walk through a heart. I should know. Because I think we about did them all.

We did our last heart work Betsy Ross style. After having the kids use up the leftover Valentiney paint to color paper hearts, I punched little holes through the hearts and gave the kids yarn and oversized dull needles for sewing. Who knows? Perhaps this will be a pivotal project that sends one of my kids on a path towards becoming a heart surgeon. Or, perhaps, getting a swallowed needle surgically removed.

Each kid needed a wee bit of assistance, but mostly only to get them to sew the holes in order. Once Fifi got started, she was good on her own. She's had some practice with lacing cards, but the smaller holes and multiple layers of the heart project definitely kicked the challenge up a notch. I helped Vance with each hole, but he did the bulk of the work on his own. I then tied Vance's bow as a model for Fifi, who then tied her own bow. Might shoelaces be in her near future?

To quote Fifi, "I didn't think this was going to be a fun project, but this is really fun Mommy. Good job."

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