Monday, February 28, 2011

Glue: It's the Glue that Holds Our Family Together

I honestly don't know how much longer I can handle winter. All these days of either being bitterly cold and miserable outside, or of being suffocated and absolutely batty stuck inside. How I long for the days where I open the back door and the kids go off into our parking-spot sized backyard to play in dirt or hide things or do whatever it is they do. Without me. We have been getting out a bunch to museums and stuff. But as much fun as those trips can be, they involve packing a lunch, riding a bus and dealing with society. And I'm never more than about 10 feet away from my kids during any waking (and often sleeping, for that matter) moment. Calgon, take me away!

The other day at the height of battiness and without any real plans, I reverted to an old family favorite. It was actually Fifi's idea: "Let's roll up tiny little balls of tissue paper and glue them!" You don't have to say the word "glue" more than once for Vance to get on board.

This time we went for full animals, though we often do outlines of letters or shapes. Fifi chose one of her favorite animals, the flamingo, a picture of which she then found in a book to reference. Vance went for his current hot animal, the raccoon. To keep it simple, I just drew a cartoon-style face of a raccoon. I could have gone even simpler and just given him a bowl to pour glue into. His ratio of glue to tissue paper (which, by the way, can stick to paper with a poppy-seed sized drop of water) was roughly one gallon to one square inch. Yes, I felt a little bad for being so wasteful. But I thoroughly enjoyed having the kids stuck to something other than me for twenty minutes.

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