Friday, January 21, 2011

Song Sung Blue

If you know me personally, you probably know how I feel about the sound of children singing. I would actually prefer to hear a dentist's drill. Or even have my teeth drilled. Maybe even without Novocain.

Luckily, there are a few exceptions. My own children singing is mostly tolerable. And just about any kid mindlessly singing a made-up song while deeply concentrating on some other task at hand is kitty-cat adorable. It's when kids try to sing that my ears really bleed. Or, perhaps worst of all, are kids who are actually good at singing. The 8 year-old who was singing the National Anthem when her mic cut out and the crowd picked up and finished the song for her? Let's just say, that's one hockey game I wouldn't have minded attending.

But when I got it in my head that I wanted my kids to learn the days of the week, I actually sought help from a group of singing children. (The sacrifices a mother will make for her kids!) We have this CD--actually, it's a three-disc set if you must know--of children singing nursery rhymes and children's classics, and a handful of learny songs sung to the rhythms of those same children's classics. The music was a gift, and the kids kind of like it and I have somehow learned to tune it out, so we play it a bit.

When it was lesson time, I played the "Days of the Week" song. Then we played a game which, suffice it to say, involved the song, the written names of the days of the week and a healthy scoop of kinesthetics-based edutainment. There was also a calendar involved and some cutting and gluing, but that was all well within my comfort zone and therefore, not worthy of much print space since it contradicts the spirit of the "sacrifices a mother makes" tone I'm going for.

Would you believe my two year-old now knows his days of the week? It is quite bizarre. I mean, he can't necessarily name every one of them in order every time. But if you tell him it's Tuesday and ask him what comes next, he will tell you with confidence it's Wednesday. He may even keep listing the days until Saturday. Amazing.

This morning I thought it would be a fun reinforcement to play another song with the days of the week in it. I went with "Friday I'm in Love" by a lesser-renowned children's music band: The Cure. Sadly, the kids were not impressed. But I was. I wound up playing the whole album. Take that you melodic children!

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  1. I am so RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. Except that all of mine love to sing along with a dvd set of toddler/learny/ Jesusy songs we got as a gift. THEY LOVE IT. I don't even hear it anymore. I will say, because I am a whack job they also know songs by weird al and amanda lepore. Adorable kiddos and a great post! And yo! Cause I used to live in Philly! Xo, Lydia