Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Shave the Children"

It didn't take long for me to make the leap from shaving cream as art to actually shaving my children. Well, Fifi's mustache was starting to show again, anyway.

When I stopped to think about it, I realized that my family does have a rather odd fascination with facial hair (or "man hair" as my kids call it). In real life, my husband changes his facial hair as often as some men change their underwear. One week it's a goatee, next week a soul patch; maybe some mutton chops in the fall and most definitely a full beard in the winter.

The rest of us, perhaps out of envy, have also been known to sport some scruff from time to time. You know, when we want to look our best or really make a statement. Sometimes at the bowling alley, or at the park, or just when we're hanging out in the comfort of our own home.

So, let's shave the kids!

The only place in our house that has a mirror in front of which the children can sit, is my bedroom. (Gasp!) Now, it's not like my bedroom is some sacrosanct part of the house, or that it's even particularly clean or anything. But, as a general rule, my husband and I tend to not spray shaving cream in our room....

But, line the floor with towels, get a big ol' bowl of water and a couple of Mach 4 popsicle sticks, and a fairly neat and tidy shaving party is underway.

The kids loved it! Vance giggled uproariously when I applied the foam. Fifi sang all sorts of shaving songs. And in the end, their faces were kissably soft!

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