Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Gloom of Dollar Bin Toys

It's amazing how children's imaginations are truly boundless. Give them one simple prop, and they have a new focus for days of play. (Or, they fiddle with it for a minute and then abandon it. I guess it depends on the prop. The more expensive and designed for play, the less play time there seems to be.) In this case, a simple toy mailbox bred letter writers and mail carriers. When the letters written evolved into birthday cards, the mailbox was then the centerpiece of a birthday party. The next day, the mailbox transported sea creatures and was a peek-a-boo castle for a little doll.

When Fifi first saw the mailbox, she was concerned about its size. I assured her she could write letters small enough to fit.

"I know!" she jumped up excitedly, "I'll measure the mailbox and make cards just the right size." She rushed off to retrieve her doctor's kit, in which she keeps the paper tape measure her doctor gave her. I was rather astounded to see her use the thing fairly accurately.

Mail was made, delivered and received. And then, a chip off the old block, there were complaints of bills and how much paper is wasted on junk mail.


  1. Love the mailbox (and the post). Where can I get one?