Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Future Convicts

We're pretty wild about fingerprint art these days. Since I imagine my kids will one day get arrested,  I think getting them comfortable with rolling their fingers over inkpads is a good life skill.

Of course they would just be arrested for standing up for their beliefs.

And of course I'm just kidding. They'll be arrested for matricide.

But enough about my children's future criminal records. These days they're making Thank You cards.

Fifi insists on calling the one on the left an "Indian" even
though I am really encouraging "Native American." I haven't a
clue where she got that from.
A good friend of mine (who has yet to give me full permission to name her on the blog, or is still trying to decide what alias she'd like me to use) gave Fifi a great gift including an Ed Emberley fingerprint art book and some stamp pads.

Following the super easy instructions is not always so super easy for a woman trying to control her desire to control things. Generally, I'm really good about lowering--I mean loosening--my standards when it comes to kids' artwork. It's supposed to be messy. It's supposed to be only barely recognizable. It's about the process and the exploration and the fun.

Problem is, when said children are making very small pieces of artwork that are designed to be recognizable, there's a little less room for exploration. For example, I not-so-subtly informed my husband that the fingerprint art required a super fine black marker and should not be done again using regular old markers with their tips all mutilated. Such details are kind of important. Toddler fingerprints are pretty darn small.

But after much practice, Fifi really has the hang of it. She still likes me to help place her inked-up fingers to make the shapes. But the illustrating is all her. Vance, on the other hand, still needs help in both departments. And I am happy to control--I mean help.

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