Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wrap It Up

I didn't have to dig too deep into the creativity well for this project. I'm pretty sure just about everyone I know is having their kids make wrapping paper this holiday season. But it's so easy and so pretty and so recycled...why wouldn't you?

I cut some sponges into shapes of a candy cane, a Christmas tree and a star. I cut out the bottoms of paper bags to get them to lay flat. Then I put out dishes of red and green paint, plus white paint and a round sponge brush for snowflakes.

First you stamp.
 Then you add a few snowflakes.

Or a million.

After the paintings dry, wrap presents!
On the easy meter, this ranks 9 out of 10 (allowing that paint is messy and you have to set up and clean up). On the delightful meter, a perfect score.

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