Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two of the Other Reindeer

Our Christmas tree is quite an archive of annual sentimentality. Starting with our first Christmas together, my husband and I have given each other a thoughtfully chosen ornament each year. We have ornaments to commemorate our wedding, pregnancy, hobbies, silly habits of our children, and the tradition of pickle-finding, which is not necessarily sentimental, but which adds its own dimension of fun and mystery.

Once our kids were born, the tree became another place to chart their growth and adorableness and to keep their mother's hands from growing idle.

This year's ornaments are not yet done, so they will be fodder for a future post. But last year's ornaments survived a year in storage and came out looking the same as when they went away. And oddly, they don't seem as small as I would think they ought after a year of children growing.

To make these hand-print reindeer, I traced my children's hands onto felt (pasted on cardboard) and then shaped the palm to better resemble a reindeer's back. A mini punched hole made way for pipe-cleaner antlers, and glued-on googly-eyes and pom-pom tails finished the animals. I added a ribbon for hanging, and a name and year on the back so that when one day we compare the same hands in woman and man form, we'll be sure to know which one once belonged to whom.

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