Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung By the Crafters With Care

If I were grading this craft project, it would be akin to the grade Ralphie receives on his BB gun theme in his A Christmas Story fantasy: A + + + + + + +.

Long story short, we will have a number of Christmas Day guests at our house who will likely not be receiving many gifts. We wanted to do a little something for them to let them know they matter. Additionally, felt is one of mankind's greatest inventions.

I just needed to be about ten minutes ahead of my kids. I set up the sewing machine and cut out pairs of stocking shapes from felt I had scored at an A.C. Moore sale a few weeks back. The machine was already loaded with green thread, so I went with it. I zoomed two stocking shapes through the machine, set out two glue bottles and a smattering of craft items such as buttons, sequins and sparkly Christmas stickers I had found in a dollar-bin at CVS last year. The kids came to the table and the rest was pure delight.

Vance needed a little help squeezing the glue bottle some of the time, but he had no problem carefully selecting each sparkling sequin and brightly-colored button. Fifi went straight for the glittery stickers.

As they decorated their stockings, I cut out more stocking shapes and threw them through the machine in pairs. I finished sewing eight stockings right around the time the kids finished the joyous decorating of their first ones. They voraciously picked their next stockings, and as I watched them work I busied my own hands cutting felt stars and tying red ribbon bows.

We stopped after finishing eight stockings, but I swear we could have made eighty. It was fun, it was festive, it was in the spirit of giving. Win. Win. Win.

Now we just have to fill 'em up!

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