Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmastime Philly Style

If the blog thus far has given the impression that we're a family that just sits home and does crafts, allow me to paint a fuller picture. We get out. A lot.

And Christmastime is a wonderful time to get out and about around Philadelphia. There is so much to do...for free!

This morning our destination was the second annual Constructing Play exhibit at the Center for Architecture. That space is a great place to visit anyway (mostly because you have to walk through the treasure trove that is the AIA Bookstore to get there). But right now it's a nice family place as well.

After eying the long display of building toys, the kids got to work building their own structures at the hands-on exhibits while I more thoughtfully perused the hodgepodge of  both timeless and outdated toys. Some of my favorites included the bricks toy set that included a trowel and real mortar (fun!) and the toy worthy of quote-of-the-day distinction: "Dowels can be more darn fun!"

A trip to 13th & Arch is incomplete without a jaunt into Reading Terminal Market. And again, Christmas is a great time to be there. After the kids devoured fresh pretzel sticks they spent a long while admiring the Christmas Train. In addition to the picturesque array of landscapes, train cars, buildings and carnival rides, the 12-train display included various buttons for pushing which brought to motion entrancing features inside.
Beyond being free and just a short bus ride away, this morning's activities held another noteworthy bonus: they completely tuckered out the kids. The hearty naps that followed were one of the best Christmas presents ever.

Fifi most enjoyed bringing the tug-of-war
to life with a push of a button.

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