Friday, December 17, 2010

Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Little Felt Family

I now present to you the
Do as I Say and as I Do
blog lady's
Christmastime pièce de résistance.

In lieu of an Advent calendar, my husband and I created a felt board medley of Christmas-themed wonderment.

The kids started the month with the blank board and little felt Vance and Fifi avatars. Each day, a new felt piece is hidden somewhere in our house. The kids alternate days to find the pieces and manipulate the board. On Fifi days, the pieces tend to be placed in realistic, meaningful places; stockings by the fireplace, moon in the sky. Vance is much more free-spirited. His little felt person has been known to stand atop the Christmas tree and his snowman comes inside from time to time. Lately, they've been manipulating the board together, which adds bonus points in the sharing category.

Early in the month, the board looked like this:

But with each day, the scene is broadened, sometimes with a simple piece such as a present or a silver bell. Other times, with something more intricate, like a nutcracker or snow globe.

This is, without question, a gift that keeps on giving. I thoroughly enjoyed making it (though, some fabric glue has not been holding up its end of the bargain and that has been frustrating). The fact that my husband made lots of it with me made it extra special. (I'm not usually able to rope him into my elaborate theme-based craft activities.) And the joy the kids share each day finding a new piece, adding it to the board, playing make-believe within the scene, anticipating future pieces, oh, it just fills our mornings with Christmas spirit.

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