Thursday, December 23, 2010

For the Book Lover on Your List

I happen to own a laminator. It's random, I know. But several years ago, when I was still teaching, I saw one in the bargain bin at Rite Aid. It's a small little thing that uses adhesive rather than heat to stick the two sheets of plastic together. I think it was 75% off. And it just seemed like something I should own. And so I do.

I used it with the kids recently to make bookmarks. Given how gosh-darn expensive bookmarks seem to be these days, it seemed like a worthwhile investment. Or, really, I was just looking for something else to laminate.

I cut some card stock. The kids wrote people's names or scribbled, or haphazardly threw some stamps on the papers and I preserved them for all eternity. Making the tassels was simple enough and gave the bookmarks their signature "I'm not just using an old receipt to mark my page" kind of finished quality.

We made a bunch to give as Christmas gifts. And, based on the old and torn post card still shoved inside my book, we clearly did not save an extra for me.

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