Sunday, December 5, 2010

A...B...See the Book we Made!

This is such a simple idea, I'm sure a million people have done it before me. But it had all the attributes of a project I like to undertake: it's fun, it's easy, it allows for creativity and it, to be sure, can bump the kid up a couple notches in the smarts department.

We had an extra report cover lying around and I siphoned 27 sheets of paper from the printer. It could certainly be made fancier and prettier, but we went for bare bones.

It started as a project for Fifi, Vance and me, but before long I realized the difference between the four year-old and two year-old. We let Vance do some sticking, but mostly it was a project just for those of us who know our letters.

We used rubber stamps to mark each page with a corresponding capital and lowercase. Then we went through our sticker and stamp collections to see what objects would go with each letter. At the end of the hour or so, we had the beginnings of an alphabet catalog. Fifi cranked out a cover and we called it a night.

The next day I took Fifi grocery shopping with me (a habit I try otherwise to avoid). I let her have free range with the digital camera. We hit the produce aisle first and got shots of lemons, mangoes, zucchinis, scallions, olives and so much more. The momentum died down a little bit after the first 15 or so pictures. But the novelty of having a fun grocery shopping experience with a kid stayed with me for about a week.

I printed all of Fifi's photos at home wallet-sized and she and Vance smeared them with glue stick and planted them onto their appropriate pages. The book now resides on the book shelf with scores of others. But it, like little children's brains, remains a work in progress which will get fuller and fatter as time goes by.

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